Enjoy various local sceneries without leaving Beijing! Suitable for weekend tour


1. Dongzhihu mountain

It is 1243 meters above sea level, the highest peak of Pinggu, known as little Zhangjiajie. There are many mountains and rocks in various figures. Some of them stand high into the sky; some split from the middle; some become cliffs. It is quiet environment, and lively. The dense fog between the mountains adds a few mysterious feelings to the Songzhihu mountain.

2. Beijing Wtown

This ancient town with a history of one thousand years is simple, elegant and picturesque. The well-organized ancient houses, the old streets of bluestone slabs, and the long alleys are all telling people about the long history of the ancient town. Take a boat and row along the river, listen to the boatman tell the story of the town. Everything will make you comfortable and relax.

3. Puwa Village

Besides the G108 national highway, there is a village that has always kept the most rare simplicity and primitive, known as "Little Tibet", which is Puwa Township in Fangshan District. There are 8 administrative villages in total. Almost every village has beautiful scenic spots, which is worth visiting. But keep in mind that these scenic spots are hidden in the valley. It takes some time to find them.

4. Tianmo Desert

It is 90km away from Beijing and connected with Badaling Great Wall and Kangxi grassland. It is the nearest desert to Beijing. The mountains, gobi, desert and lakes constitute a beautiful picture of the northern frontier, like a golden dragon lying there, which is extremely spectacular.

5. Labagoumen primeval forest

This forest has 70000 mu of primary secondary forest, and Nanhouling, which is more than 1700 meters high, is the highest peak in Huairou District. The beautiful forest and vegetation environment makes it a quiet and pure world of animals and plants. Here, heaven and earth seem to be quiet. You can listen to the voice of nature, enjoy the baptism of pure natural forest, and enjoy the pleasure of leisure and slow tourism.

6. Yougu Shentan lake

It is a combination of "unique, quiet, elegant and beautiful". There are more folk myths passed down from generation to generation, adding a bit of mystery. The high waterfall gushes out; the surging mountain spring is like a dragon; the roaring sound shakes through the valley; the water splashes for several meters, which is extremely spectacular and amazing. All of these are beyond description. Only by experiencing it personally can you get the feeling.

7. Xiawan Village

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, the environment is beautiful. Most of the buildings in the village are of Huizhou style. They rise and fall with the terrain, and the walls are painted with peonies and red plums. While walking in the scenery, you may feel like traveling in the painting, deeply intoxicated in the scenery.

8. West Lake port

The west lake port is one of the new 16 scenic spots in Beijing. The river here is broad; the water is gurgling; and the peaks stand tall. The streaming running from the mountains is clear. Although it is not the Lijiang river, it is better than the Lijiang River.

From so many places, choose a destination and take your family to experience it! Go outdoors with your family, feel and share the joy of outdoor sports! Share the happy experience and pleasant feeling to your friends.


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