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It's settled! The city green heart project opened on September 30, and is now under construction


In April, the cherry garden in the "city green heart", the sub center of Beijing, was shown to the public, with more than 600 cherry trees blooming. This is the first building to appear in the "city green heart".

As an important part of the sub center, it covers 1.2 square kilometers, equivalent to 3.8 times of that of the "city green heart" of the Summer Palace. It will open at the end of September this year. Behind all this, there is a project management team of only 17 people, who are racing against time.

In December 2018, the construction of "city green heart" project was officially started. 21 construction companies, 11 supervision departments, 10 design companies… In fact, the project management team composed of 17 people is responsible for all these. "In the history of gardening, the project of "urban green heart" should be regarded as a very large project. Our biggest difficulty is to coordinate the progress and duration of the project." Dang Yangkai of the project department said.

"A lot of work is done when I thought it as impossible." Yuan Quan, an employee of the project department, recalled that in December last year, the 5.5-kilometer road in the park was opened. But in fact, the completion of this important project is only less than half a month. After the construction in the daytime, new building materials will be brought in at night. Workers often stay up late to work. When we were very busy, I couldn’t go home for three days. After a grudging rest in the office, we had to get up the next day and went to work.

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, the sudden epidemic disrupted the plan of the "city green heart" project. In order to ensure that the plan completed on September 30 remains unchanged. The project department coordinated and docked with local governments urgently. Cars started from Beijing and took the workers back to Beijing.

When one problem has just been solved, new difficulties come one after another. Many factories have not resumed work, and the supply of seedlings is in short supply. As the weather gets warmer and warmer, the members of the project department once again take emergency measures to purchase more than 1300 seedlings from nursery bases in Hebei and other places. "I hope that through the efforts of all our staff, we can provide a place for leisure and entertainment for Beijing citizens." Project manager Na Heli said.

At present, the whole 21 sections of "city green heart" have been fully restored to work. Cherry garden and other garden landscapes have been completed. More than 110000 arbors have been planted, and 75% of the total amount of landscaping has been completed.

Before the end of September, the city green center park will be equipped with water, electricity and conditions for opening. At that time, a city forest with "ten thousand mu of urban forest, one million trees and shrubs, one hundred kinds of local plants and landscape avenue" will be built.


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