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These Inspirational Movies Give Us the Power to Move Forward


Being in quarantine at home, with more free time, how do you arrange it? Take a look at the books that you always want to read but don't have time to open, or take half a day to make some delicious pastries. Why not watch some inspirational movies among these busy arrangements? These blockbusters can make you moved by the tenacity and bravery of human nature, feel the love and warmth of human beings, and become more powerful on the way forward.

Forever Young

If you know your life ahead of time, will you have the courage to go forward? Several young people, Wu Linglan, Shen Guangyao, Wang Minjia, Chen Peng, and Zhang Guoguo, are full of aspirations and marching all the way in four extraordinary time and space.

Wu Linglan is very energetic when he sets out, but soon loses his way. Shen Guangyao, who volunteers to participate in the cruelest war, has been trying to do something that scares him but is important. Wang Minjia's first mistake was only to lie about her vanity; her first worry is to choose one of the two excellent men. But fate has dragged her into the abyss of being reviled. Chen Peng puts love in front of his dream, but love does not put him in front. He says, "I have someone to take care of," even if it means being against everyone and being exiled with her for thousands of miles. Zhang Guoguo is in the treacherous workplace. "Winning" is his habit. In order to win, he always sees others’

tricks and takes the initiative. One day, he faces a more important choice than "win". These young people, in their best age, usher in the most brutal test, and have made the legend about the never fading youth.

Forrest Gump 

Forrest Gump is born in a small and closed town in Alabama shortly after the end of World War II. He is born with a mental retardation and an IQ of only 75. However, his mother is a strong woman. She often encourages Forrest Gump that "fortune favors fools" and keep him on improving.

Forrest Gump goes to school like an ordinary child, and he makes friend with his lifelong friend and beloved Jenny. With the love of Jenny and his mother, Forrest Gump starts running all his life with the "flying legs" given by God.

Forrest Gump becomes a football superstar, Vietnam hero, table tennis diplomat and billionaire, but he never forgets Jenny. Several hasty gatherings and departures deepen Forrest Gump's thoughts. One day, Forrest Gump receives Jenny's letter, and they finally meet again.

Remember the Titans 

In 1971, a black middle school merges with a white middle school, and the school's rugby team has to be reorganized into a mixed team. Residents of the small town, which has always been dominated by white people, are shocked after the African Americans come. African American coach Boone becomes the head coach of the team. And white coach Bill becomes Boone's assistant. Both of them have a strong sense of justice and honor, strong professional ethics, and are conscientious and meticulous in their work. In the beginning, Boone is rejected by everyone. Relying on his own belief and with the cooperation of Bill, he turns a group of children with bad temper and inattention into a dynamic, winning football team, and successfully pushes the long losing mixed American football team to the champion position. Since the two coaches work together, the news of victory has been released…

The Shawshank Redemption 

In the late 1940s, Andy, an accomplished young banker, is jailed on suspicion of killing his wife and her lover. In this prison named Shawshank, hope seems to be illusory. The punishment of life imprisonment undoubtedly dooms Andy's next gloomy and desperate life. It isn’t long before Andy tries to get close to Red, the famous prisoner, and asks for a hammer. Taking this as an opportunity, they gradually get to know each other. Andy also seems to find his own way to survive in the prison where there is a mixture of evils, whites and African Americans. He uses his professional knowledge to help the prison managers evade taxes and launder money. At the same time, with his association with Red, he gradually receives courtesy among prisoners. Superficially, he has changed his attitudes towards prison life from hatred to calm like Red, but his desire for freedom still drives him to the hope and goal in his heart. And the truth about his crime seems to push all these a step forward…

The Legend of 1900 

In 1900, an orphan is abandoned in the first class on the cruise ship, Virginian. He is raised by the sailors on the ship and named 1900. 1900 grows up slowly, showing the extraordinary piano talent without being taught. He plays the piano in the band on the ship, and everyone who has heard him is deeply moved. Jelly, the originator of jazz music, hears about 1900's superb skills, goes on the boat to compete with him, and finally leaves in dismay.

Unfortunately, all of these happen on the sea. 1900 never wants to set foot on the land until one day, he falls in love with a girl and his feelings flows on the piano keys. Will he set foot on the land to start a new life for love and make the world amazed by his music? How will he compose his extraordinary life?

Hotel Rwanda 

In 1962, after Rwanda declares its independence, there are many conflicts between Hutu and Tutsi, and the war continues. In this context, Paul, the hotel manager of Rwanda, has been running around, and has finally saved more than 1000 Tutsi and Hutu refugees in the hotel.

A Beautiful Mind

This film is about the biography of John Forbes Nash Jr, the great mathematician of the 20th century.John Forbes Nash Jr. (played by Russell Crowe) publishes a famous game theory when he is a graduate student. Although the theory is only 26 pages long, it has a profound impact on the economic, military and other fields. But when young John Forbes Nash becomes famous internationally, his superior intuition is troubled by schizophrenia, which does not stop him from marching to the top academic level. With the encouragement and help of his wife Alicia (played by Jennifer Connelly), he walks slowly but never stops. Finally, with more than ten years of unremitting efforts and tenacious will, he gets what he wants.

Life Is Beautiful 

Guido, a young Jewish man, meets Dora, a beautiful teacher. He bows politely to Dora: "Good morning! Princess”. After a lot of ironic twists and turns, the two live happily together.

However, under the fascist regime, Guido and his son are forcibly sent to the Jewish concentration camp. Dora, though not of Jewish descent, resolutely goes to the camp together with her husband and son and they are held separately in the camp. Guiduo, a smart and happy man, tricks his son into believing that it is just a game. The prize is a big tank. His son lives happily and naively in the Nazi haze. Although the camp life is hard and lonely, Guido still brings a lot of happiness to others. He also takes the opportunity to greet his wife on the Nazi radio: "Good morning! Princess! "

The fascist regime is about to topple, and the Nazi concentration camp will soon be cleaned up. How can the game that Guido makes up for his son end? Can their family live through this dark time safely?

The Pursuit of Happiness 

Chris Gardner uses all his savings to buy high-tech therapeutic devices and sells them to hospitals everywhere, but the price is so high that not many people accept them. Even if he tries hard, he could not provide a good living environment for his wife and children, and his wife finally chooses to leave. Since then, he and his son, Christopher, have been living together. Chris struggles to get an internship in a stock investment company. Even if he doesn’t get paid and his chance of success is only 5%, he still works hard. His son is his strength. He is looked down on by others; he hides with his son in a public toilet in a subway station; he lives in a church shelter… But, he still firmly believes that happiness will come tomorrow.


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