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Free Refund of Train Tickets, Organizing Passengers to Sit Separately


Since 0 o’clock on February 6, 2020, passengers, who had bought train tickets from railway stations, 12306 websites and other channels and want to change their itinerary before the train leaves, can get a refund for the ticket without any commission charged from the railway department. Those who purchased the railway travel accident insurance can be handled together. For passengers who cannot apply for refund on the Internet, the railway department will extend the refund time limit.

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned that, for passengers who had purchased tickets in cash or changed e-tickets into paper ones (including reimbursement voucher) before 24: 00 on February 5, if they could not go to the station to refund tickets before the train leaves, the refund can be postponed until 24: 00 on March 31; if the entrance of the station, which the train ticket shows as a departure station, is closed, the refund can be made within 30 days after the entrance reopens; the refund must be handled at the departure station or the station where the ticket is purchased. The commission will also be exempted, and the railway accident insurance will be handled together.

The railway department will pay close attention to the arrangement of reworking and students’ returning to school in various places. According to the changes of passenger flow, the department will open more passenger trains in time, elaborately arrange the post-holiday and off-peak return capacity, scientifically arrange the distribution of seats, and organize the passengers in the car to sit separately. In recent days, passenger train load rate will be controlled at about 50%. In the meanwhile, further strict steps are taken to measure the temperature of passengers in and out of the station and to make spot checks on the train, sparing no effort to prevent and control the epidemic of coronavirus.


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