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Du Yi Chu


Du Yi Chu is a Shaomai (a type of traditional Chinese dumpling) restaurant, which was named by Emperor Qianlong and inscribed by Guo Moruo, a Chinese author. Shaomai came from the South China and won high reputation in the capital thanks to Du Yi Chu Restaurant. Wonton wrapper is as thin as a cicada’s wing, about 1mm in the middle and only 0.5mm on the edge, 11cm or so in diameter, and has at least 24 folds. Its Shaomai made by this restaurant features extra thin wrapping and rich meat juice, can be dubbed the quintessence!

Address: No. 38, Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District (at the east end of Dashilan Street) 东城区前门大街38号(大栅栏东口)

Average Spend: 70 yuan per person

Recommended dishes: Steamed dumpling of three fresh delicacies, mixed stuffed dumplings, Qianlong cabbage


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