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Place for appreciating full moon: Mt. Lingshan


The lamplight from the downtown of Beijing is blocked out by the hills here. Climbing to the top of Mt. Lingshan and enjoying the moon and stars shall be the most satisfying thing to do.

One can be very pleased by watching a sea of clouds, admiring the sunrise, smelling the flowers and listening to the wind in forest at the top of Mt. Lingshan. That is called "When shall I reach the top and hold all mountains in a single glance?" The unique climate here features hanging icicles in snow valley in the winter, flourishing flowers and plants in the spring, green fields in the summer and countless fruits in the autumn. The 3000-mu(about 200 hectares) meadow and 5000-mu(about 330 hectares) forest bring you a green world, where you can return to nature, enjoy the natural beauty, have your horizons expanded and sentiments nurtured, communicate with the nature and integrate yourself into the nature. In the summer, the temperature in Mt. Lingshan is 12 ℃ lower than that in the downtown of Beijing. When you can hardly stand the sultry weather, this place is exactly the best destination for your vacation.


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