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Enjoy Charm of Sea at Nandaihe


The Nandaihe Beach Resort 19.5km to the southeast of Funing County, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, about 290km from Beijing. With a coastline stretching 3km, it faces Beidaihe Beach, a famous resort for summer vocation, across the sea.

Nandaihe Beach is an ideal place for sea bath, sand bath and sun bath in summer. The beach here is wide and flat, the tide is smooth, and the water is of moderate temperature. The sand at the bottom is fine and soft without reef fragments, sludge and rotten grass. The seawater is clear and uncontaminated. Here people can enjoy the wonder of sunrise and appreciate the romantic beautiful night view of the beach. It’s quite cool in summer. The average temperature in July and August is 25°C. There are about six or seven days in a year when the temperature is above 30℃.

Tips: A bathing beach covering 75,000m2 is housed in the tourist area, and more than 20 hotels, guest houses, restaurants and shops have been built to cater to tourists.

Sand skiing is the most attractive sport on the Gold Coast. You can take the cableway to the top enjoying the unique view of a stretch of sand hills along the way. Then sit on a bamboo board and rush down from the hill of tens of meters high. In addition to sand skiing, the Gold Coast also provides entertainment projects including hot-air balloon, helicopter tour, parachuting, and yachting.


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