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Miyun Great Wall


If the Great Wall is compared to a magnificent symphony, the Miyun section is the most sonorous cadenza. Miyun is located in the northeast corner of Beijing, surrounded by the Yanshan Mountains. With an average altitude of over 500m and the vegetation coverage of 60% in mountain areas, the temperature in summer is 3-5℃ lower than that in Beijing downtown. Boasting friendly ecological environment and a beautiful scenery, it was praised as the Land of Abundance of Yan which was one of the great states in ancient China.

Major Tourist Attractions Around Miyun Great Wall

The Great Wall in Miyun is one of the best sections, among which Simatai, Jinshanling and Gubeikou Great Wall are the most famous. It is recorded that Miyun section of Great Wall has a total length of 207 km, 568 watch towers with 195 well-preserved ones. Longer than that of any district and county in Beijing, the Great Wall in Miyun is extraordinary with beautiful natural environment and human landscape. Therefore, it is set to be a top priority for the Great Wall travel. The completion of the exquisite Great Wall owes to Qi Jiguang, a celebrated general of Ming dynasty, who began to rehabilitate the Great Wall in North Beijing in 1570, the 4th year of the reign of Longqing in the Ming dynasty. To commemorate his achievements in defending the steadiness in frontier area, the Yanshan Le Gong monument (recording one’s merits on a mounment) was built up outside the east gate of Miyun New Town in the 1st year of Wanli of Ming dynasty. And the monument still stands there.

Beijing Miyun Sleeve of the Yunxiu Valley Scenic Spots

Yunxiu Valley is the only tourist area in Beijing which combines hunting, entertainment and scientific examination, and has a unique natural landscape. This scenic area features a vegetation coverage rate of 95%. There are numerous peaks, stones, caves, canyons, streams, waterfalls, forests, flowers, wild animals and plants.

Traffic: Take the No. 980 bus from Dongzhimen to Miyun Bus Station; transfer to the minibus bound for Yunxiugu, about 30 minutes between buses.

Ticket: 20 yuan.

Duration: 1 day.

Surrounding Great Wall: Yaoqiaoyu Great Wall.

Tips for Travelers: The best period for touring the natural scenery of Yunxiugu is from April to October each year.


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