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The program documents are very tempting as the advertising message indicates “Challenge the unknown, secret, and horror; test the inferential, logical, and acting skills”. The overall decoration styling of the secret room  features classic and up-market with big and professional site. It also provides a big long table for Werewolves game. It has six themes of different difficulties, and each will pose the dual challenges of intelligence and physical power of customers. The 3-star difficulty level is designed for the【The Dark Book】. At 4-star level, the【Evil Island】may rack your brains, the【Zone 51】under the theme of future and machinery boasts vivid and impressive atmosphere, and【Evil Island B】of prison break background may make you feel tense and thrilling. As for the five-star difficulty level, the Inference Talent, Light Book, and Anderson Hospital all deserve the reputation.

Address: SW-2F, Shimao Gongsan Plaza, No.13 Gongtibei Road 工体北路13号世茂工三商场西南角2F


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