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Dreamlike Clouds Ice Cream is the best choice for girls. The pink cotton candy is decorated with dried strawberry scraps, which neutralize the cotton candy and make it not overly sweet. You can also find Oreo and popcorn in the ice cream. Another amazing thing is that the spoon used to eat ice cream can change color. All these make the ice cream both palatable and good-looking.

Watermelon Smoothie and Coconut Juice Milk Cover is a nice choice in summer day. The flavor of watermelon juice is intense. You can stir and blend it with milk cover. You are well suggested to take less sugar to avoid gaining weight.

"Woolen Yarn" Ice Cream features woolen yarn-shaped ice cream of hazelnut flavor, decorated with star-like Oreo scraps. It tastes soft and tense, with proper balance of saline and sweet taste. It looks so amazing that you cannot help to take out your mobile phone for selfie.

With pink as the dominant color, the shop always attracts passengers to enter and have a look. Decorated with ins style, the shop is covered by pink everywhere, photo frame, walls, and furnishings. These, together with the dreamlike good-looking desserts and pink clouds, will make you feel good all the day.

Address: Opposite to Jinfeng Hotel, No. 92, Xihuashi Street 西花市大街92号金丰宾馆对面

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:30

Tel: +86 1087105790


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