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Amazing DIY Houses Inspire Your Life


▶ Wooderfullife

Wooderfullife is a popular music box brand now. The euphonious melody and all kinds of amusing characters and themes make it not only be welcomed by children also by adults. Now, it offers service which people can make music box by themselves and design the themes and select the wanted character parts to make the one Wooderfullife music box which only belongs to ourselves. Children can also have a try and choose their loved parts since that there are clerks to guide them. The music box they made can both be served as a gift or self collection, which can be very gorgeous works.

Address: B1, Chaoyang Joy City, Qingnian Road 青年路朝阳大悦城地下一层

▶ Baby Kitchen

Children can be chefs to make cakes and they can be real cook after putting on apron and chef hat. Children can enter into the spirit of character, and children learn to make cakes carefully. There are clerks guide them from cake billet to spray creams. Children are all learning to make cakes carefully and the finished product is good-looking, even the packing boxes are similar to those in store. Children will be very happy when seeing their products of their labor and have a sense of achievement, even some of who cannot help eating when making cakes. They are really delighted and the cakes made by themselves are delicious.

Address: 5th Floor, No. 28 Joy City, Qingnian Road A 青年路甲28号大悦城5楼

▶ R Style

According to the features of children of different ages, the R Style conductive education can inspire children to be interested in painting and encourage them to create some things by imagination. The works of children can also be made into frames which can be the first great work of children and have a ceremony feeling.

Address: Room 601, E building, V Center, Beichenfudi, No.6, Changhui Road 常惠路6号北辰福第V中心E座601室


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