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NCPA Opera Roméo et Juliette


Venue: Opera House

Dates: July 18-22, 2018


The five-act opera, Roméo et Juliette is a French romantic opera masterpiece by Charles-François Gounod. The libretto was adapted by Jules Barbier and Michele Carra in 1867 from Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, and debuted at the Théâtre Lyrique in Paris on April 27th of the same year, after which, its popularity had spread across the globe, becoming one of Gounod's most famous operatic works. The libretto recreates the soul of Shakespeare's renowned drama, while Gounod’s music is a wonderful depiction of the two protagonists’ tragic romance. Many of the opera’s characters have exquisite arias, and the two lovers’ many duets are exceedingly beautiful and worthy of the classic.

On the occasion of the bicentennial of Gounod’s birth and 125th anniversary of his death, the NCPA has invited Stefano Poda, factotum of the opera stage, to handle the direction, set design, costume design, lighting and choreography. The renowned opera is presented in his novel design and unique style. The French opera conductor extraordinaire, Patrick Fournillier returns to the NCPA after Thaïs, and reproduces the romantic spirit of French music for a broad audience.

Conductor: Patrick Fourniller

Director/Set/Costume/Lighting Designer/Choreographer: Stefano Poda

Artistic Collaboration: Paolo Giani


Juliette (Soprano): Melissa Petit/Mihaela Marcu

Roméo (Tenor): Francesco Demuro/YU Yongzhao

Le compte Capuleti (Bass): Luca Grassi/MEI Jie

Frere Laurent (Bass): Burak Bilgili/ZHANG Wenwei

Mercutio (Baritone): Alessandro Luongo/ZHANG Yang

Stephano (Soprano): Jurgita Adamonyte/ZHANG Yuan

Tybalt (Tenor): YUAN Lu/WANG Xin

Gertrud (Mezzo-Soprano): DUAN Nina

Le compte Paris (Baritone): HUANG Yanming

Le duc de Verone (Bass): Wang Meng

Gregorio (Baritone): ZHAO Denghui

Benvolio (Tenor): GUO Jianchao


In the city of Verona, there is a long-standing blood feud between the Montague and Capulet families. The Montague family’s son, Roméo, and the Capulet’s daughter, Juliette, fall madly in love at a banquet. They seek out the well-intentioned Frère Laurent to consummate their lovely romance. Nonetheless, when Roméo’s good friend, Mercutio, comes to his aid, Juliette’s cousin, Tybalt, stabs him to death, who Roméo is then forced to draw his sword and kill.

In order to unite the lovers, Frère Laurent has Juliette consume a poison of his as he sends a letter to Roméo telling him to hurry to Juliette in time. Juliette acts according to plan, but the message never finds its way to Roméo. When he hears of her death, Roméo becomes distraught. He goes to Juliette's grave and takes his own life in grief. When Juliette wakes up from her feigned death and finds Roméo dead, she takes up her dagger and ends her life.


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