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Rafting in Baihe Valley


Starting a trip from the Baihebu Reservoir in Yanqing to Huairou's Miyun Reservoir, you will travel through the Hundred-Li Lake and Mountain Gallery(Bailihualang) in Qianjiadian Town, as well as countless reeds and woods all the way. As a water conservation area of Beijing, the Baihe River Basin boasts pure water, where you can have fun with kids by playing and paddling in the water. As for the untraversed Baihe Valley, it is a place safe enough for kids splashing water in a naked body.

This route boasts three highlights. The first is the grassland scenery in upper reaches of Baihebao Reservoir. Surrounded by stunning views, the water and grass land in the valley are particularly eye-catching with cows and horses grazing freely sometimes. The second section is the Hundred-Li Lake and Mountain Gallery in Qianjiadian Town, where the river runs between reeds and trees, providing a natural habitat for wild ducks and waterbirds. You can also see such a marvelous scene that various dragonflies in all colors wave their beautiful wings above the water surface. The most distinctive one must be the sea of sunflowers in Qianjiadian Town from August to September when golden sunflowers blanketing the whole river bank forms a bright contrast with the verdant valley. It is really an ideal place for photography. As the third recommendation, the section of Baihe Valley in Shiling Village of Huairou, enjoys moderate water depth and refreshing water from mountain creeks. It is appealing and a wonderful destination for paddling, having a picnic or barbecue, and renting a kayak for drifting.

Nearby scenic spots: Huanghuacheng Waterside Great Wall, Taoyuan Xiangu Scenic Area, etc.

Address: Qingshiling Village, Liulimiao Town, Huairou District, Beijing 北京市怀柔区琉璃庙镇青石岭村


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