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Orchid Southeast Asia Restaurant


Shrimp sauce swamp cabbage is a must-try dish which is light and less tasted in other Southeastern Asia restaurants. Pineapple shrimp is a course made by pineapple and salad dressing. It is a little bit sour, and the shrimp is very tender. Vietnam Ho Fan noodles are very delicious and there is a little bit of sweet taste. Prawn cracker is pretty good although it is a snack before meal. The pineapple rice has the fresh and sweet taste of pineapple and the fragrance of dried meat floss, which is very delicious. Spiced chicken with chili sauce tastes sour and spicy and is very appetizing, but you may not get used to its taste for the first time

Address: No. 27, 4th floor, Heshenghui, Dajiaoting North Street.


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