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Harry's Kitchen


The dreamy store is full of children's interests. Various desserts and lovely decorations housed in the store are attractive. Once enter the store filled with fragrance of cake, people cannot wait any longer to start to make cakes or eat them. There are small kitchens which can be used to make cakes and cookies, and there are also professional teachers to guide the kids to make cakes step by step. You can choose to make biscuits, cupcakes, chocolates, fondant cakes, donuts and nougats. Teachers are skilled at making cakes and they start to teach from flour. Although the procedure is not very difficult, it means a lot. The food materials are all good and they are imported natural ingredients of high quality and people can eat them without any concerns. There are also some little children cannot help eating when making them.

Address: 2F, Parkview Green, No. 9, Dongdaqiao


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