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Time to Enjoy Chinese Rose in Beijing


As one of Beijing's two city flowers, Chinese rose features its own charming grace, vivid colors and abundant species that offer you a visual feast.

Originated in China with thousands years of history for its cultivation, the flower is crowned as the “Queen of Flowers", and enriched with more than 20,000 horticultural varieties in some 200 years, classified into several kinds like China rose, miniature rose, multiflora rose, polyantha rose, large Chinese rose, large single flower Chinese rose and climbing rose.

There are thousands of Chinese rose and hundreds of climbing roses in Beijing City Park and Zhongshan Park.


Beihai Park: west gate

Zhongshan Park: in front of Laijin Yuxuan Tea House; west side of the south gate of Yueyue Taiping; around Xiliting Mountain.

Beijing Zoo: east side of the Amphibian and Reptile House; west side of the Gibbon House; east side of Science Museum; BMY


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