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North Wudang Mountain


Located in the mountainous area of the west of Shahe, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, the North Wudang Mountain or "Laoye (full name is Zhenwu Laoye, a Taoist God) Mountain" is the key scenic area, with its main peak at an altitude of 1437.3 meters. North Wudang Mountain scenic area was rated as the provincial scenic area in 1992 and as the national 2A-level scenic area in 2008. Here, you can enjoy splendorous mountain views, rare peak landscapes, deep gullies, luxurious vegetation, renowned mountains and waters and beautiful rocks.

North Wudang Mountain was rebuilt by ordinary people of the ancient times since its initial establishment in the Sui Dynasty in the 6th century. Now there exist 35 stone tablets, presenting the contribution of people to its renovation work. This magnificent Mountain has a luxurious vegetation of 70%, covering 30,000 mu (2001 hectares) public forests in Taihang Mountains. The Zhenwu Dadi (the same person as Zhenwu Laoye) Temple is standing on the top of the Mountain which was the blessing place where Zhenwu Dadi, a Taoist God, practiced Taoism at that time.

Besides, the scenic area has a great natural ecological environment, a large variety of wild animals live here, including hedgehog, badger, squirrel, fox, wolf, wild boar and other wild animals. At the same time there are a large number of wild herbs which are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine growing here, such as Chinese angelica, poor man’s ginseng, Chinese knotweed root, and bupleurum root.

Address: Daqian Village, Chanfang County, Shahe, Xingtai City


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