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Chinese Herbaceous Peony in Beijing


With gorgeous floral colors and various species, Chinese herbaceous peony is crowned as the “flower fairy” and “Princess of Flowers”

Chinese Peony by virtue of its beautiful shapes and colors is named as “shaoyao” in Chinese which means Graceful. There are many kinds of this flower. With a cultivation history of 4900 years in China, it is the earliest cultivated flower in China. Ranking the first among herbs, Chinese Peony is renowned as “Flower Goddess in May” because it has been known as the flower of love since ancient times, and the flower is now honored as one of the flowers on Qixi Festival.

At present, there are nearly 20,000 domestic and foreign herbaceous peonies in 250 kinds in blossom at Jingshan Park, revealing an incomparable scene this year seeing so many flowers in the most complete species. Beijing Botanical Garden now has more than 10,000 Chinese Peonies of 230 kinds in blossom.


The Summer Palace: Yongshou Mansion

Beihai Park: East bank

Jingshan Park: the whole park

Yuyuantan Park: Peony Garden

Beijing Botanical Garden: Chinese Herbaceous Peony Garden


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