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Guancha Experience Shop


Located in Basement 1, Pacific Century Place, it is a small shop simply decorated in green and white, which is salubrious. The shop is small but fully-equipped. The order place is arranged on the left side, and the dessert samples are displayed in the showcase in a bid to both decorate the shop and attract more customers.

The shelf opposite the order place is used to display matcha snacks including Matcha Chocolate with Cream, Matcha Chocolate with Strawberry Fillings, Rose & Vanilla Nougat and Matcha Chocolate with Almond Fillings. Customers can taste their samples and buy the favorite with fresh combination.

Although the matcha drinks and matcha cakes are plain-looking, they boast the strong taste of matcha just like other matcha desserts.

Address: Floor B1, Pacific Century Place, A No. 2, Gongti North Road, Beijing


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