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Come Here and Have Fun with Cats


Maodafu•Fortune Cat Cattery

Fortune Cat provides the one-stop service from cat grooming, cat fosterage to cat supplies with great taste and professional services. The cattery has many types of cats such as popular Ragdolls, cold Leopard Cats and cute British Shorthair Cats, they are all leisurely sitting in the side of display windows. If customers want to entrust their cats to the care of Fortune Cat, shop assistants will do general physical checkups for cats and understand the lifestyles and habits of them; cat food and litter are optional to self-preparation or buy them on the cattery; when customers take their cats back, cats can have comfortable baths in the shop.

Maotuotuo Cattery

Maotuotuo Cattery consists of two floors, the entrance of first floor has bath tables and pet ovens, the second floor is the luxurious dorms include small single rooms and deluxe suites; these rooms are decorated by wood with cat trees where cats can have a lot of fun in the clean and beautiful rooms. For reassuring our guests, cats from the same family can live in the same dorm which it is quite clean and healthy; in the period of fosterage, cat food and litter are optional to self-preparation or buy them on the cattery.

Meow Bar&Coffee

Meow Bar&Coffee is a small coffee shop with many lovely cats and you can see a cat sleeps in every few seats; it seems that cats can sleep in everywhere, sleep at random places and regardless whether there is anyone next to them. If you want to feed cats, you can only buy cat food in the shop for ensuring the health of cats.

Meow Café&Cats

The shop is a place that can relax and soothe the soul with cats of different personalities, they are clingy or indolent, but not afraid of people. The shop also has great coffee and snacks, Cheese Cake is the recommendation dessert; and Strawberry Latte is also recommended for customers because there is a strawberry-flavored cotton candy of the shape of a cat's paw on the top of coffee latte. Anyway, welcome all people who love cats to come to our Café.


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