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Appreciate Vernal Scenery on Jiming Mountain


Featuring simple and unique architectural style, Xin'anzhuang Village is embraced by the winding Chaohe River and Hongmenchuan River and backed on green mountains. As the proverb goes “The King of Pine stands on the top of Jiming Mountain overlooking surrounding ridges and peaks; Dalongmen and Xiaolongmen are exclusively designed for imperial family, and Songming Pavilion boasts a broad vision to the far; Hongmenchuan River is so disconsolate as to dry up, surrounded by haughty forests on both sides; aromatic and delicious local cuisines, green mountains and blue waters warmly welcome guests all over the world.” There are five large stone peaks in the valley, which form a shape of a rooster's head, and that is the origin of its name. With the unique fragrance of apricot blossom full of mountains, the pink apricot flower buds emerge first, embellishing the verdant grassland - a beautiful sign of spring.

Viewing time: late March - late April


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