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Discover Charm of Beijing in Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park


Located at the junction of the Miyun District and the Huairou District in Beijing, Yunmeng Mountain ("Yun" means being cloudy and "Meng" means being misty), also known as "Small Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan's Miniature)", is a famous scenic spot as well as a famous national forest park in Beijing, with beautiful natural scenery like lofty and steep hills, secluded and tranquil valleys, rummy and fantastic peaks and rocks, flying waterfalls and winding streams, capricious clouds and mist, exuberant and luxuriant forest plants and flowers. Since the park was opened at the end of March, people can overlook apricot blossom all over the mountain from the Jiangjun Tower (the General Tower), enjoying the magnificent scene of the Great Wall wandering in the flower-covered mountain.

Viewing time: late March - late April


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