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Spring Outing in Baxian Mountain, Tianjin


Original name of Baxian Mountain is "Baixian Desk". According to the legend, eight scattered fairies containing Iron Crutch Li, etc. who once passed the place during their travel to the East China Sea. Attracted by peculiar peaks, canyon, quiet forest and beautiful landscape covered by cloud and mist, they got off their auspicious clouds, and had a break with picnic at the side of a megalith of two square meters. Although Baxian Mountain Natural Reserve does not have the dominating temperament like Taishan Mountain or peculiar feature of Zhangjiajie mountain group, compared with many well-known mountains, Baxian Mountain looks very quiet, and less tourists come here, the main peak in 1046.8m high enjoys the highest terrain in Tianjin gathering mountain peaks. Azalea Festival and Real Leaf Festival will be held for each year.

Address: South of Xiaogang Village, Xiaying Town, Jixian County, Tianjin天津市蓟县下营镇小港村南


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