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Tianjin Limutai Scenic Resort


Limutai Scenic Resort involves in National Geopark of China and National Forest Park, which is a national tourism area of 4A level. There are countless peaks and layered mountains with the scenic spot. It has over 80 main mountain peaks. As the main peak, Limutai Mountain is 997m over sea level. Peak forest and canyon here are grand but precipitous. For vast immense forest, being beautiful and peaceful, long flowing of pond water, waterfall and stream, it is called as “Tianjin Shennongjia” and “Northern Tropical Rainforest” by experts and scholars. There are Archaeozoic rocks formed about 2.6-3.5 billion years ago, and geological wonders formed naturally containing multi-layer cliff painting mountain, Dengtianfeng, Five Finger Mountain, Wanjuan Tianshu, etc. The Great Wall of the Northern Qi Dynasty constructed over 1400 years ago is kept here, being winding and zigzagging, which is amazing. The moving water, whirling green trees, fresh air and wonderful cliff painting is attractive.

Dense original ecological forest in Limutai Scenic Resort originated in the Tertiary period of Cenozoic 70 million years ago. Limutai is granted with reputations of “Northern Tropical Rainforest” by the mysterious original secondary forest ecological system. With over 90% forest coverage rate, the spot reserves pure air hundred years ago that is rich in negative oxygen ion, where tourists will feel refreshed and pleasant. It is worth of the natural hyperbaric oxygen, which is a land of idyllic beauty.

Limutai Scenic Resort maintains original forest ecosystem in good condition, and silently is the home to thousands of endangered and rare species, such as Juglans mandshurica Maxim, Carpinus turczaninowii, wild kiwi fruit, etc. as well as hundreds of precious Chinese herbal medicines. Rare wild azalea in Northern China forms the unique scenery line of Limutai. Rare wild animals containing the Lefua costata from the Arctic Ocean, as well as endangered species in tropics and subtropics containing eumeces elegans live in here happily.

Address: North of Chuancangyu Village, Xiaying Town, Jixian County, Tianjin 天津市蓟县蓟县下营镇船舱峪村北


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