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Yuyuantan Park: Best Place to Admire Cherry Blossom


Yuyuantan Park is one of the most famous places in Beijing for admiring cherry blossom. In the spring of 1973, 180 Prunus sargentii from Hokkaido, Japan --which represented the friendship between China and Japan, were brought here and planted near the mountain and by the river, and were gradually known by people in 1980s. Then gardeners planted, one after another, lannesiana and Prunus sargentii seeding bred on their own around the previous prunus sargentii. Around 1990, the park began to neaten mountains and rivers on a large scale, and introduced cherry blossoms successively which were as many as 3000 plants and 8 varieties from Northeast China, Shandong Province, etc.

Estimated Florescence: from mid-to-late March to the end of April


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