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Food and Folk Customs Journey


Mutianyu Village - the Most Beautiful Countryside in Beijing (6.7km): The journey starts from Integrated Service Area of Mutianyu Great Wall, through Xinying Village, tile factory, Beigou Village, Tianxianyu Village, Dream Country, Beijing Shuntong Rainbow Trout Breeding Center and Xinying Village.

Guyaju Ruins - Longqing Gorge route (23km): This route runs through Yudu Mountain and Yuhuangmiao Village famous for its fresh tofu.

Shixia Village (7km): Starting from Waipao Village, tourists can visit Badaling Great Wall, Badaling Ancient Great Wall and Shuiguan Great Wall, and enjoy “rustic banquet cooked on stone” peculiar to Shixia Village on their journey.

Flowers of Four Seasons (26km): On their journey, tourists can appreciate the wonder of Qixian Ridge, “Pearl Spring Spurting Jade” Theme Park, the Flowers of Four Seasons and other attractions.

Dazhuangke Township (24km): Tourists can visit Lianhua Mountain, Ruins of Great Wall, Wanglongtan Grand Canyon, Piposhi Village, and also savor special roast lamb and the “Cixiao Food” (Cixiao means respecting the old and loving the young).

Baili Landscape Gallery, Qianjiadian Town (30km): this route ranges from the advisory station of Gangou Village to Dishuihu Scenic Area, through Wulong Gorge Scenic Area and Changshouling Village reputed for the “longevity feast”.

Juyong Pass (16km): tourists can ride to Juyongguan Great Wall from Xiguan Roundabout of Changping District, and enjoy health-preservation feast.

Hundred-Li Circular Corridor (62km): This route starts from Liucun Town and is through Gaoyakou Ditch, Baiyanggou Scenic Area and Laoyu Ditch.


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