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Sandexing Bistro


The shop has simple decoration style, separated by long table, bench, and bead curtains. Dish names are also interesting, such as Mysterious Paul, The Wizard of Oz and Jizoutianxia. And all dishes have good tastes. Vessels and plates are carefully placed. Bitter gourd is iced, and is quite suitable for summer when poured with grapefruit jam, being fresh and cool, which may be loved by kids, and is free from bitter! Drinks shall be especially stressed, and there are many kinds of fruit wine! Girls quite love it. They try to get half jin ( 1/2 kilogram) at the beginning, and then get half jin again, and get half jin after that, and they pack 1 jin before leaving.

Add.: No. 2 Shop, No. 1 Courtyard, Rendinghu North Lane, Huangsi Street 



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