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Classic Route for Strolling


Zhang Zizhong Road--Chaodou Hutong--South Luogu Lane

Characteristic: from “Government Building” to Sengge Rinchen Palace

If you have a plan to make a trip to Nanluoguxiang, you are advised to get off at Zhang Zizhong Road with one station away, to look at the Duan Qirui Former Government Building: an old Gothic-style brick building which is now “occupied” by the ordinary people, who live ordinary life there.

There are two very special shops hidden in this semi-enclosed residential compound.

One is called Hidden Dream Tango Cafe featuring peanut coffee with seven ingredients, such as peanut nuts, peanut brittle, peanut butter and other kinds of materials. It is quite interesting that you can chew crushed peanuts when drinking coffee. The other is Yugong Yishan Rock Bar, where a rock show will make you excited.

Turning into the Chaodou Hutong, seeing the leaves falling down from big pagoda trees, you’ll feel as quiet as a time travel back to the last century’s Beijing Hutong. The gorgeous Sengge Rinchen Palace sits here, and you can see its magnificent past from eaves and piers.


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