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Changting Tavern


For drinking, people and tavern position play a quite important role. The tavern is quite good, located at the Gulou West Street, with few people and good atmosphere. Variety of dishes is well-disciplined, because there is no showy name or illustrating picture, but side dish, little escargots, and beans flavored with aniseed that are quite suitable for drinking, and you can even order barbecues to be sent from adjacent shops. There are not many people in the tavern, and the tavern does not occupy much space, with 4 or 5 tables, full of lethargic and enjoyable atmosphere.

Set meal includes 2 bottles of glutinous rice wine, which is amazing and brewed by the boss. Tavern has several big wine jars colored in white and red. The white wine jar has sweeter wine, and the taste of wine in both jars is good. The boss provides ice cube and says that you can add ice if feeling sweet. To my surprise, a small jar of gentle wine makes me slightly drunk after drinking.

Add.: No. 180, Gulou West Street鼓楼西大街180号


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