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Haoshijia Fashion Apartment Hotel


Beijing Haoshijia Fashion Apartment Hotel offers a variety of rooms with high standard decoration and complete facilities, which are equipped with heating, air conditioning, color TV, broadband, hot water, and the whole kitchen (full set of cooking utensils), etc. The beddings are changed for every different guest, which are clean and comfortable. The apartment is decorated with the theme of family and as warm as home. People can check in with handbag only. It prepares a safe and comfortable home for the guests in Beijing. Be sure to consult the details of the hotel before you check in because of the difference in specific housings at different locations.

Add.: Room 1925, Building A, Youyou Lehui, Guangshun South Street, Wangjing (between 798 and Wangjing SOHO, near Wangjing Hospital) 望京广顺南大街尤悠乐汇A座1925室(798与望京SOHO中间,近望京医院)


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