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Hoolala Korean Fried Chicken


The Hoolala Korean Fried Chicken sells Korean crisp fried chicken hot pot which must be tasted by Korean food lovers. It is the first shop of Korea brand Hoolala fried chicken in China. It is counted as one of the best in Korea. Many Korean stars are spokespersons for Hoolala fried chicken. The Korean and western mixed styles make people feel relaxed. When it is opened, its special fried chicken attracts many people to queue up. As the weather gets cold, the Korean hot pot is very popular. The traditional “shin ramyun” has authentic flavor. Korean food lovers must have a try.

Address: No. 15, Anhuibeili Xiuyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing (close to Jiangsu Bank and Haiya Building) 北京市朝阳区安慧北里秀园15号(靠近江苏银行江苏银行、海亚大厦)


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