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Xinjiang-style Meatball Soup at Chaoyang SOHO


Xinjiang Special Meatball Soup

The specialty dish meatball soup is particularly recommended. The soup has an intense flavor, the bowl is full of ingredients, and the beef meatball is very delicious. Added in the soup are beef, spinach, vermicelli and mushroom. When you drink up, you will feel very satisfied. A spare eater will feel full with one bowl of soup. Except the meatball soup, other dishes are also very good. The Dapanji Chicken, Spiced Chicken with Chili Sauce, Pilaf, Yoghurt and Chili and Sour Potato are very popular.

Price: 49 yuan/person

Add.: No. 0211, Building B Chaowai SOHO, Chaoyangmen Outer Street 朝阳门外大街朝外SOHOB座0211号


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