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Nuanquan Ancient Town


After hundreds of years of exposure to the sun and rain, Nuanquan Ancient Town still can reflect the prosperity back then with strong wooden and stone buildings, exquisite brick carving and wood engraving as well as elegant colorful oil paintings.

The ancient town got its name from the homeothermic spring, which water is about 14℃ all year round. But it is famous for Da Shuhua performance (a group of blacksmiths fling molten metal against a cold stone wall and stand beneath bursting showers of fire).

It’s a nice choice to visit Nuanquan Ancient Town for the Da Shuhua and start a promising new year.

Address: Yuxian County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province河北张家口市蔚县

Ticket: 120 yuan (including Nuanquan Academy, West Ancient Fortress, Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall), 180 yuan for Da Shuhua performance.

Transportation: Take a long-distance bus to Yu County at the Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus Station. Afterwards, take a taxi or a shuttle bus to Nuanquan Ancient Town.

Self-driving route: Beijing-Tibet Expressway→Beijing-Guangdong Highway →Zhuolu County→branch road→Taohua Town→drive along the left route of Xiheying Island→go straight through Xiayuan junction→Yuxian County (about 4-hour driving)


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