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No.93 Courtyard Museum in Beijing


Though hidden in a hutong, this tiny museum has a profound meaning. Surrounded by cultural atmosphere in Dazhalan and Liulichang, it spreads intangible heritage and folk arts, and provides a space for residents to experience traditional Chinese arts. Old houses in No. 93 Courtyard were repaired and put into use. The cultural heritage comes alive and shines brighter light.

No.93 Courtyard Museum resembles a little siheyuan (quadrangle courtyard), where there are west side houses and the north houses. Most exhibits are folk artworks and laid out carefully, taking advantage of each inch of the place. Activities are held here regularly, in which you can learn traditional techniques from master craftsmen.

Opening hours: 9:30-17:30

Ticket: Free

Add.: No. 93, Tie shu xie Street, Liulichang


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