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Beijing Guta Park


Appreciate lovely scenes of the ancient pagoda embraced in spring flowers in the precious time. At the southernmost point of the park is Shifang Zhufo Pagoda (Pagoda of The Ten Buddhas), an octagonal and nine-storey architrave brick pagoda built in the Ming Dynasty in 1538.  This is a cultural relic protected at the municipal level.

Every spring, magnolia flower, Chinese flowering crabapple and other spring flower are in full blossom. After winter snow, the Pagoda in snow reveals a landscape in its feature of Chinese traditional culture. There are mainly four scenic areas in the park, namely, the west entrance area, central lake area, mountain flower area and ancient pagoda area. The central lake area is the major scenic area named as Colorful Spring Flower Garden and embellished with many scenic spots such as Queen Flower Terrace, Chinese

flowering crabapple Plaza, pavilions and corridors, cascading spring pool and other landscapes.

Opening hours: 5:30-22:00 (high season); 6:00-21:00 (low season)

Tel.: 010-87390858

Add.: Guanyin Temple, Wangsiying County, Chaoyang District, Beijing


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