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Beijing Yinding Bridge


Yinding Bridge, a single-span stone arch bridge, is located in the narrow waterway of Qianhai and Houhai of Shichahai in Xicheng District. This bridge is 12m long, 7m wide and 8m high as well as 5m in span length. There are 5 hollow handrails carved with cloud pattern and 6 balusters carved with flower pattern.

It gets the name of Yinding/Silver Ingot Bridge as it is in the shape of a silver ingot. Small as it is, this bridge is of great reputation. Originally built in the Ming Dynasty, this bridge faces Houhai in the west featuring unmeasured vastness and glistening surface, and thus has panoramic views over the Western Hill which seems be close enough to touch. “Viewing the Western Hill at Yinding Bridge” is one of the eight amazing sceneries in Beijing. Yinding Bridge has been listed as key cultural relics protection unit of Xicheng District.


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