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Most Unique Great Wall


Praised as the “Most Unique Great Wall” all along, Jinshanling Great Wall, predominately shrouded in cloud and fog, winds through many a mountain; the photo of a sea of clouds has become its calling card. From May to November every year, when it ceases to patter, a sea of billowing clouds would curl up, surging ahead with irresistible power. So, it is a “heaven” for shutterbugs, a “paradise” for time travel enthusiasts and a “wonderland” for tourists.

For Jinshanling, former Ming Great Wall, there are three spectacles, namely barrier walls, character bricks, horse-resistant walls. At Jinshanling Great Wall which features myriad of watchtowers, unique landscapes and exquisite buildings, you can appreciate its scenic spots one by one when climbing on it.

Address: Luanping County, Chengde City, Hebei Province


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