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Where to Buy Beijing Embroidery in Beijing?


Beijing embroidery features elegance, elaboration, beautiful patterns, diverse stitches, skillful needlework, and vivid images. Beijing embroidery is made of choice materials. The materials are very expensive and luxurious. The most distinctive feature of Beijing embroidery is the bright-colored embroidery threads, close to famille rose and enamel colors used in porcelain. Beijing embroidery outclasses Suzhou embroidery for flat surface, skillful stitches and thin threads, well-balanced lines, and bright colors.

Beijing embroidery values more on the propitious connotations of design patterns, featuring meaningful patterns and auspicious decorative design. The patterns mainly include dragon, eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan painting, seawater, rivers, and cliffs.

The main colors used in Beijing embroidery are black, yellow, red, and blue. Black means profoundness, yellow power, red happiness, and blue nobleness. Representative products of Beijing embroidery include royal supplies, mandarin squares of the Qing Dynasty, Eight Immortals, and Hundred Son Diagram.

Where to buy: Jing Cheng Bai Gong Fang (A Beijing workshop with 100 craftsmen)

Address: No. 12, B, Guangming Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing


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