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Shopping in Beijing


Beijing has more than a hundred large and middle-sized shopping complexes. Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Dashilan and Xidan Commercial Street are the traditional shopping centres; whereas Guomao Shopping Centre, Oriental Plaza and Zhongguancun Square are new commercial hubs developed recently. These shopping centres will give you the greatest joy of shopping.

If you have an interest in antiques, you might want to visit Liulichang or Panjiayuan Antique City. If you are looking for export clothing, then you must not miss Xiushui Street and Yaxiu Clothing Wholesale Market. Buying some special local product and souvenir will enhance the joy of traveling too. Jingtailan cloisonne, jade, silk embroidery etc are very ancient; and native handicrafts such as clay figurine, Peking opera mask, kites, paper-cuttings etc are inexpensive and make excellent gifts for family and friends.


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