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Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Multi-functional Theatre

Dates: October 12-15, 2017


Stranding is a drama on “youth”. However, the “youth” here is unrelated with age, but is a state of living. There will be one frustration after another in life, which makes us gradually doubt ourselves, feel at a loss whether to correct our character traits or demerits, and compromise with warnings from empiricism, so that finally lose our execution that drives us to strive for our ideal. Most pitiably, when that moment comes, we may have many reasons to urge ourselves to jump at it. Then the youth are considered “mature”.

The characters in the drama become reckless in desperation, but they can also strike a chord with us since we all were young. Even in the real world are people of one kind who make every effort to prolong their “youth”. Even if we are already as hoary and old as we should be, when we open our own photo album and take a look at our young look, we will wipe off the dust on our ideal calmly or excitedly, at a moment no one else is around. You may not regain your youth at that moment, but at least you could stop growing old in an instant.


Honoured Presenter: Youlaile StudioExecutive Presenter: QIU Qingbin

Executive Producer: KANG Honglei

Playwright: DONG Tianyi

Director: LIU Dan

Managing Producer: ZHANG Jian

Set Designer: LI Dan

Lighting Designer: WANG Yuqi

Composer: HU Xiaoyuan

Costume Designer: LI Yuduo

Sound Designer: FU Jin

Make-up Designer: LI Chan

Stage Manager: CHENG Su

Deputy Managing Producer: ZHU Fang

Script Supervisor: LI Siqi


GUO Xiao, LI Hongliang, JIANG Jiaqi, QU Ning


Upon graduation, three spirited teenagers Marco, Mythica and Kovac go out into the world. After years of hard work with their talents displayed to the full, they have made great achievements, and become elites of their time. However at that time, a submarine symbolizing ideal, action and strength sinks by accident at the night of its first voyage. Whereas the accident is imputed to a long-premeditated plot after investigation...Furthermore, the involvement of the beautiful girl Lina that both Marco and Mythica love since their childhood makes the stranding even more complicated.

The sinking of this stranded submarine seems to have “submerged” these specially educated and talented people. But as the incident comes under increasingly in-depth discussion, they accept it as a great stranding, and rediscover noble friendship and great love. To their surprise, not until they decide to set sail again will they really understand the power of stranding...


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