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Beigong Forest Park in Beijing


Beigong Forest Park was built in 2002 and opened to public in 2007. It is the nearest forest park from the city center.

Beigong Forest Park has the most varieties of plants. Trees with red leaves and other colors occupy some 3,000 hectares of parkland centered on the lake. Species include maples, sumacs, torches, luan trees, golden elms, ginkgoes, dawn redwoods, privets, tilias, dwarf cherries and cherry plums.

Beigong Forest Park is also known for many beautiful locations in the park. Langpoding is the main mountain in the park. The north side of the mountain is a cliff caused by an earthquake. Qiushiyuan is the place where visitors can pick different fruits in harvest season. There are also valleys, hills, streams and towers in the park that offer different views.

Address: No.6-3 Road, Dahuichang Village, Changxindian Township, Fengtai District, Beijing

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