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Huilongguan Beijing’s Biggest Market


Huilongguan, one of the largest affordable residential compounds in north Beijing, is never a fun place to be. But if you want to see a very different Beijing from Sanlitun, Lidu or Guomao, a visit to the Huilonguan market can be quite interesting.

Wang Xiaomao, who likes cooking and shopping for ingredients, visits the market every few months.

“It’s fun to shop there with a bunch of housewives,” she said. Vegetables and seafood are fresher than other markets and cost less.

“It’s better to drive there so you can really stock up,” she said.

The market has everything as long as you know where to look. However, it can be intimidating for people who are not familiar with the area.

“It’s too large,” Wang said. “There is a major thoroughfare between the meat and the spice markets.”

In terms of food markets, most people think of Xinfadi for vegetables, 642-436 certification Hongqiao for seafood and Sanyuanli for foreign ingredients. But many of these markets are shrinking or facing demolition.

The Huilongguan market has become the largest and sells things of all sorts, including kitchenware, hardware and secondhand goods.

Huilongguan is the largest residential area and its apartments are constantly changing hands. Most new owners stock up with new furniture and end up selling it all within two two three months, said Wang Hu, a movie producer who lives there.

“You can get some great deals on almost-new furniture,” he said.

Chengbei Huilongguan Trade Market

Open: 9 am – 5 pm

North side of Huilongguan Xiaoqu, Changping

(010) 8179 6388Take Line 13 of the subway or buses 307, 407, 618, 811 or 919.

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