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Qing Feng Steamed Dumpling Shop

Qing Feng Steamed Dumpling Shop is the dumpling brand owned by Beijing Huatian Catering Business Corporation, which started in 1948. With a history over 70 years, it was once named Wanxingju, which operated dumplings, snacks, rices and other dished. Because of the delicate producing skills and good taste of dumplings, the Shop’s business was growing and rising. After being operated publicly and privately in 1956, it changed its name into Qing Feng Steamed Dumpling Shop, mainly serving steamed dumplings and fried pork liver. For the high quality and well-suited for Chinese food culture, this fast food trademark naturally becomes the most received one.

Quanjude Roast Duck

World-known brand Quanjude was established in 1864 which had been through generations of start-up. Over the hundred years, Quanjude dishes through constant innovation and development, and formed a unique Quanjude roast duck as a leader, set "all-duck seats "and 400 multi-channel characteristics of dishes in one of the Quanjude cuisines, subject heads of state, government officials, community and domestic and foreign tourists love, known as" China first to eat. " The late Premier Zhou Enlai's Republic of China on several occasions to Quanjude "duck" members elected to a state banquet.

Duyichu Shumai

Duyichu Shumai was built in 1738. Throughout near 300 years of operation, it gains fame not only by the plaque from Emperor Qian Long, but also for its unique crafts, which was once imparted to Japan. In 2008, Duyichu Shumai’s producing craftsmanship was listed on National Non-Material Cultural Heritage List.


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