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Juyongguan Great Wall Museum


Juyongguan Great Wall Museum is located in Jundu Mountain in Changping District, 50 kilometers away from downtown Beijing. Juyongguan Great Wall was once one of the most important Great Wall sections in ancient China, because this section was an important military fortress to prevent enemies.

In Chinese history, Juyongguan was a very important strategic place connecting the inner land and the area near the northern border of China. It was also a defensive place for the ancient Beijing. In the tourism industry, Juyongguan is a part for adventurers and photographers to appreciate the most original atmosphere of ancient battles. Juyongguan Great Wall Museum was built approved by Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage.

Juyongguan Great Wall Museum, the first museum of the Great Wall, has a history over 1800 years, being the Key National Historical and Cultural Sites and national scenic area. Luo Zhewen, famous ancient architecture expert in China said, the museum had been an ideal window to display the Great Wall culture, religious culture, military culture and landscape culture and it was the best way to establish museum in protecting the great wall.

Ticket: 45 RMB

Address: Jundu Mountain, Taihang Mountain Range, Changping District

How to get there: Take Bus No.919 and get off at Juyongguan Stop


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