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Badaling Ancient Great Wall


Situated five kilometers southwest of Badaling Great Wall, Badaling Ancient Great Wall was once named Dilapidated Great Wall and is the southwest expanded section of Badaling Great Wall. Having not been extensively renovated yet, this section still keeps the original form of the ancient Great Wall.

The each of the walls of the site is 7.8 meters tall and the base of them is 5.8 meters wide. The inside of the walls is filled with crunched earth and stone pieces, wrapped by slates of granite. The two sides of the top of the wall are walls, with the one inside named Daughter Wall or Yu Wall, being 1 meters tall or so; with the one outside named Duo Wall, being two meters tall. Standing inside the wall, soldiers can watch the invaders and shoot arrows. In addition, there is a perfect drainage system on the wall too.

Today’s Badaling Great Wall cannot be called Wild Great Wall, because it has been repaired although the repair work was aimed to make this section of the Great Wall more like the original form. It is not the original form, but the feel of being historical has been preserved through the repair job.


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