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Amazing Bridges in Beijing


Speaking of Bridges of Beijing, the first to come to our heads is Lugou Bridge. But other bridges like the 17-arch Bridge and Jade Belt Bridge are also elegant and attractive.

Not only are bridges built in ancient times beautiful, but modern bridges are also splendid, too.

Weilaikejicheng Road Bridges

There are two bridges on Weilaikejicheng Road, and this is one of them. The bridge also gained the name “Bird’s Nest Bridge” for its appearance.

The other bridge is modern and unique.

The bridge is colorful at night.

Changping Nanhuanlu Bridge

The first suspended road bridge built in Beijing.

Miyun Yunmeng Bridge

It is called “the first road bridge of north china”

Miyun Rainbow Bridge

Located at Miyun District, the bridge looks like a rainbow on Chaobai River.

Dengjiayao Bridge

Dengjiayao Bridge is the first basket-type bridge in Beijing.

Yudaihe Bridge

The fifth bridge on the Beiyunhe River

Jianhe Tianmu Bridge

The first sightseeing bridge which is located in Shunyi. The bridge looks like an opening eye.


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