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Beijing Liao Jin City Wall Museum


Beijing Liao Jin City Wall Museum is situated at Yulin Neighborhood, Fengtai District, Beijing, the Liao Jin City Wall Museum is built on the ruins of a water gate in Zhongdu, the capital of Jin Dynasty (1153 - 1215).

The Museum consists of the underground part and the historical displays. The underground part is the protected Watergate Site, and its volume is the greatest among all the ancient city wall water pass sites which have ever been found in China. Built to allow sewage to flow out under the city wall, the gate lies five meters underground and connected via a culvert with the Liangshui River, 50 meters to the south. Built of wood and stone, the lowermost layer is pine, over which lies a layer of stone slabs, fixed with iron brackets.

The basic exhibition entitled "Development of Capital Beijing" is divided into several sections: Beijing before Liao and Jin Dynasties, Nanjing in Liao Dynasty, City Walls of Jin Zhongdu, Palaces, Urban Layout, Canal Transportation, and Beijing after Jin Dynasty etc. Various cultural relics, the discovery and excavating course of the site, practicalities, photos and charts about the structure of the water-gate are on display.

Address: No.41, Yulinli, Youanmenwai, Fengtai District

Opening Time: 09:00-16:00 (closed on Monday)

Tel: 010-63054991



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