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Tour Guide of the Holiday Village at the Foot of Great Wall in Beijing


Beijinghas relatively concentrated and abundant resources of tourism and vacation of the Great Wall historical sites and these resources are mainly distributed in the north and northeast mountain regions where the landscape, folk culture, delicious food and entertainment are relatively concentrated, including the Great Wall: Juyongguan, Badaling, Huanghuacheng, Jiankou, Mutianyu, Gubeikou and Simatai sections which are most typical.

If you travel to the Great Wall for sightseeing, hiking and holidays in summer and autumn, you must get to know the local delicious food, leisure, accommodation and holiday village.

Juyongguan section

Juyongguan Great Wall

Juyongguan Great Wall is in Beijing Changping District, being 60 kilometers away fromBeijingurban area. In ancient times, it is an important barrier and Great Wall strategic pass northwest ofBeijing. In the inscriptional record of Ming dynasty, it was called the “First Pass Under Heaven”.

The name “Juyong” originated from the Warring State Period.Lv Shi Chun Qiurecorded that “Juyong is one of nine passes under heaven”. The existing Juyongguan Great Wall was constructed by senior general Xuda and vice-general Chang Yuchun in 1368 (Ming-Hong Wu 1). The existing Juyongguan Great Wall is very magnificent, blending steepness, magnificence and length. “Juyong Diecui” is just a scenery of this pass which is one of the famous Eight Sceneries inBeijing.

Old Inn of the Juyongguan Great Wall

The old inn of Juyongguan Great Wall lies at the foot of Juyongguan Great Wall which is the first pass under heaven and very magnificent. This inn is in the scenery of “Juyong Diecui” which is near mountain and river and has elegant environment and beautiful scenery. This old inn is the only pure wooden quadrangle courtyard four-star hotel of antiquing style in the scenic spot of the Great Wall. The tourists can walk from it to the Great Wall in five minutes.

The old inn of Juyongguan Great Wall has over 100 luxurious guest rooms. All catering services are provided by the famous cooks, includingSichuanmeal, Cantonese meal, western breakfast and Chinese and western barbecue, etc. What’s more, the self-help wine party and Great Wall self-help barbecue can add pleasure totourists’ traveling life, letting them freely enjoy the scenery of Guangou and beauty of Juyong. At the same time, you can relax yourself in the fresh air in the characteristic tea houses, bars and stores of the old inn.

Bus: Take the tourism bus No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 919 and get off the bus at Juyongguan station.

Driving a car: Drive onto the Badaling highway from Madianqiao and drive the car according to the road sign and you will arrive.

Badaling section

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall locates at YanqingcountyofBeijingwhich is an important pass of the Great Wall. It was constructed in 1505 (Ming-Hongzhi 18). In Jiajing and Wanli dynasty, it was re-constructed, which was called one of the “Nine Passes Under Heaven” in history. It is the essence of the Great Wall and the place which was opened to the tourists at the earliest time. The Badaling scenic spot mainly contains the Badaling Great Wall, which is world famous for its magnificent scenery and profound cultural and historical resources.

Shixiaguan Great Wall

In the place 4 kilometers southwest of Badaling, there is a west gate of the protective system of the Badaling Great Wall – Shixiaguan Great Wall which is a scenic zone of the remained part of the Badaling Great Wall. Although its wall is incomplete, it is still magnificent due to its original state. In the Shixiaguan Great Wall, there are still many historical sites such as quarry which was used for the construction of the Great Wall and brickkiln groups which were used for baking the bricks.

Shuiguan Great Wall

Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall just locates at the high mountains of Guangou. If you like to walk up the Great Wall, you’d better go to this section of the Great Wall which is famous for its steepness. Shuiguan Great Wall was constructed in Ming dynasty which is the firmest section of the Badaling Great Wall. In order to defend against the foreign invasion, it defends against the enemy by water, forming a strategic pass. It becomes one of the rare constructions in ancient battlefield and it is named for this reason.


Commune at the foot of the Great Wall

“Commune at the foot of the Great Wall” is near the Shuiguan Great Wall. It is a construction artwork which is designed by 12 distinguished Asian architects. It has a villa design of “airport, shared house, No. 3 villa, furniture house, suitcase, strange courtyard, red house, bamboo house, twins, forest house, soil house and club”. 12 characteristic villas are well arranged near a mountain, opposite to the distant ancient Great Wall. This the “commune at the foot of the Great Wall”.

Commune at the foot of the Great Wall locates at the foot of the Shuiguan Great Wall. It has a charming scenery in the whole year. It takes only 15 minutes for the tourists to walk up the Great Wall. There are not only enough private, fashionable, tasteful life space and facility full of art and romantic atmosphere, but also various delicious food in the mountain scenery restaurant, courtyard restaurant and bar. You can also look for your favorite things in the library, cinema, artistic gallery, outdoor swimming pool and Chinese, English and Japanese children library. “Commune at the foot of the Great Wall” provides comfortable and convenient service for every tourist. A guest room housekeeper will be sent to provide considerate and decent service to the tourist of every house.

Price: In 12 villas, the minimum area is 330 square meters and the maximum area is 700 square meters. The rent of each villa varies from 11,600 Yuan/night – 8750 Yuan/night (plus 15% service charge).

Bus: If you want to go on holidays in Shuiguan Great Wall, you can take No. 919 bus and get off the bus atStoneBuddhaTemplestation. Driving a car: Drive onto the Badaling highway fromJianxiangBridgeand pass the exit of Shuiguan.

Huanghuacheng section

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Great Wall locates between Mutianyu and Badaling Great Wall. It was carefully constructed by general Caikai of Ming dynasty. The famous general Qi Jiguang once patrolled and defended at here. It was a fortress to protectBeijingin Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty. Huanghuacheng Great Wall was constructed by stone strips. It has exquisite workmanship and it is famous for steepness and firmness in particular. It is also called “Jintang”. Thus, this section of Great Wall is also called “Jintang Great Wall”.

It is said that the emperor assigned senior general Caikai to be responsible for constructing the Huanghuacheng Great Wall. The crafty sycophant in the imperial court criticized that “the construction period is too long and the investment is too large.” As a result, general Caikai was beheaded. Afterwards, the emperor realized that it was very strange in this event and assigned people to investigate it. The investigator found that the Great Wall constructed by general Cai was extremely steep and firm. Flaws could not be found while beating the bricks which were fixed by rice water. As a result, the emperor rehabilitated his reputation and engraved “Jintang” on the extremely obvious rocks under the Great Wall with Yan Zhengqing calligraphy. Every character covers an area of 2 square meters. Huanghuacheng is one of the famous steep scenery in the Great Wall. The steepest place is called “Shibadeng”. It is constructed along the steep mountains. The local ballad says “Shibadeng is as high as the sky; the eagle and monkey can hardly go across it; how high is it; it seems to be bottomless.” You will find its steepness from this ballad.

Jintang Mountain Villa

The Jintang Mountain Villa locates at the foot of Huanghuacheng Great Wall in Huairou county. It is near the Lakeside Great Wall dam. It is surrounded by the Small West Lake Lakeside Great Wall Scenic Zone combing mountains, water, Great Wall and other natural and human landscape and the Linlong Mountain Natural Scenic Zone with many peaks, rocks and forests. The Jintang Mountain Villa has 66 three-star standard guest rooms and provides farming family characteristic catering. The mountain villa has large, medium and small-sized conference rooms which can hold over 200 persons to hold meeting at the same time. In addition, the mountain villa also provides Karaoke, billiards, table tennis, badminton, bonfire evening party, boating, fishing, picking and other entertainment facilities.


Take No. 916 bus from Dongzhimen toHuairouInternationalConvention Center. Then get on the “Huairou - Xishuiyu” minibus until the destination.

Driving a car:

AsianSportsVillage–LishuiBridge– Daliushu round island – Changping District Shangzhuang – Xingshou –JiuduRiver. At theJiuduRivergasoline station, drive to the scenic zone by the road direction board of the scenic zone.Jiankou section

Jiankou Great Wall

Jiankou Great Wall acquires this name because its winding “W” shape is just like a fully-bent bow with arrow on it. The Xizhazi village is the center of Jiankou Great Wall. From east side to west side, there areZhenbeiTower, Jiankou and the highest cliff of “Eagle Can Hardly Pass it”. Further westwards, it connects to three sections of Great Wall from different directions. It connects to theJiuyanTowerin the north and the Huanghuacheng Great Wall in the west. Due to its natural steepness, Jiankou Great Wall is said to be the most beautiful section in the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty.

Mountain Legend Mountainous Resort

This is a holiday village with many surprises, which can be found in its name–Mountain Legend.

.Mountain Legend Mountainous Resort locates at the Lotus Spring fountainhead,LotusPoolVillage, upper stream ofYanqiLake, Huairou District. It is a historical site of ancient Qilianguan of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. There are mountain flowers in full blooms and green fields everywhere. The Jiankou Great Wall in upper stream has clear rippling spring, flowing to theYanqiLake. You can ramble or drive a car slowly, enjoying so many natural sceneries along the way. Temporarily leaving blatant city, you can involve yourself in the Mountain Legend, drinking the water of Lotus Spring, eating the rainbow trout, enjoying the nearby Qilianguan and distant Mutianyu.


It is the embracing green hills, green waving forest, ancient Great Wall and everlasting clear spring that jointly compose the unique and legendary color of the“Mountain Legend”. Wandering in the wooden shed returning to the nature and enjoying the sunshine and verdant plants, you can either drink a cup of green tea or have a meal of refreshing wild flavor which can let you taste the tranquility and far-reaching of the Autumn carefully.


Take No. 916 bus from Beijing Dongzhimen to the Longquan Hotel in Huairou District. Change to No. 3 minibus in the north city toLotusPoolVillageand this is the destination.

Driving a car:

Drive fromBeijingto Yanqi Round Island of Huairou and turn left. Drive for 16 kilometers and you will arrive at the destination.Huadu Holiday Village


Jiankou Huadu locates at the Jiankou ecologically friendly park which is at the foot of Jiankou Great Wall. It is a unique and modern farming restaurant. It is surrounded by many mountains and farmlands. While sitting at the outdoor dining table, you can freely appreciate the beautiful scenery in the nature. While sitting in the restaurant, you can also appreciate the greatness of the Great Wall.

Jiankou Huadu is the favorite place of the Great Wall fans, the Great Wall shutterbugs, even tourists. Tourists can feel the enthusiastic and straightforward character of the people in mountains at here.


Driving a car:

Start from Beijing Siyuan Bridge and drive northwards; pass the urban area of Huairou and turn left at Yanqi Round Island and drive straight along the main road; when you drive to Badao River Bridge, you will see a guide board indicating “Jiankou Ecological Sight-seeing Park”; turn right and drive straight and you will arrive at the destination.

Mutianyu section

Mutianyu Great Wall

The tourist area of Mutianyu Great Wall locates at Huairou District of Beijing. According to the textual research of literature, the Mutianyu Great Wall was constructed on the site of Beiqi Great Wall under the supervision of the senior general Xuda under the leadership of Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming dynasty, famous patriotic generals Tanlun and Qi Jiguang. It has steep mountains. The entire Great Wall stretches along the rolling mountains. It is just like a flying dragon. The Mutianyu Great Wall has a total length of 2250 meters. The rate of coverage of circumjacent trees and vegetation exceeds 96%. Every year, the golden autumn is the best season to have a relaxation and travel in Mutianyu.


Beijing Civil Administration Holiday Village

BeijingCivilAdministrationHolidayVillagelocates at the beautiful Huairou District. In the west side, it is 11 kilometers away from Mutianyu Great Wall. In the north side, it connects to the thousand-year-oldtempleHongluoTemple,YanqiLakeand many other natural scenic zones.

The holiday village has an elegant and comfortable environment, full equipped standard rooms, high class suites and large and small restaurants which are clean and tidy. It can hold 240 persons to hold meeting, get accommodation and have meal at the same time. In addition, there is a reservoir in front of the gate where the tourists can play and fish.Address:Southwest ofKoutouVillage,QiaoziTown, Huairou District,Beijing

Great Wall Mountain Villa

Great Wall Mountain Villa locates at the foot of the beautiful Mutianyu Great Wall. It is an antiqued style building. With primitive, simple and elegant courtyard, it is integrated with the old Great Wall. This mountain villa is embosomed in mountains and there are fresh air and beautiful scenery. Standing in the courtyard, you can see the magnificent Great Wall and appreciate the beauty of the nature.

GreatWallMountainVilla has over 40 guest rooms which have complete facilities and perfect functions. In addition, there is a set of sauna equipment with advanced technology which is introduced fromFinland.



Take bus No. 916 from Dongzhimen toHuairouConvention Center; get on a minibus to arrive at the Mutianyu scenic zone.

ght at the Mutianyu Round Island and drive for 1000 meters and you will arrive at the destination.

Xiangshui Mountain Villa

XiangshuiLakelocates at the west side of Mutianyu of Huairou, 78 kilometers away fromBeijing. It is a naturally beautiful valley, integrating the Great Wall, old caves, mountains and rivers, springs and pools, waterfalls and inscriptions on precipices.


The antiquedXiangshuiMountainVillaHolidayVillageis built at the foot of Xiangshui Lake Great Wall, which is near mountain and river and very elegant and unique. At present, it has 120 guest rooms, including standard rooms and suites which can receive 260 persons for accommodation and entertainment. The restaurant mainly provides the farm family dishes, rainbow trout, wild flavor barbecue, wild vegetables in mountains and characteristic snack.


Take bus No. 916 and No. 936 from Beijing Dongzhimen toHuairouInternationalConvention Center; change a bus and you can arrive at the destination.

Driving a bus:

Start from Beijing; drive along the Jingmi Road to Huairou and drive towards Mutianyu; turn westwards at the Mutianyu Round Island.

Gubeikou section

Gubeikou Great Wall

The protected landscape area of Gubeikou Great Wall locates at Gubeikou Town of Miyun County. It locates at the dragon artery (a treasure place) with the toweringWohuMountainandPanlongMountain.ChaoRiverandTangRiverflow through it. It keeps not only the defense system of the Great Wall of Ming dynasty, but also many scenic and historical sites and natural and human landscapes. Gubeikou is one of the important strategic passes of the Great Wall.


Gubeikou has steep terrain and mountains and dangerous roads. Since ancient times, it has been an important strategic pass toBeijing. It is called the northeast gate ofBeijing. Gubeikou has beautiful mountains and water and numerous historical sites. It was the only way for the emperor of Qing dynasty to make ancestor worship in nowth, hunt and make an inspection tour. Courier route and military camp were once built. Emperor Kangxi once avoided summer heat and Emperor Qianlong once reviewed troop at here.


Gubeikou Town Folk-custom Holiday Village

Gubeikou town locates at Miyun county northeast of the capital.GubeikouTownFolk-customHolidayVillagehas near a hundred folk-custom receiving families. Among them,“Panlong Family”is one of the folk-custom receiving units with a certain scale which has 40 beds. Corns, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and other farming green vegetables are planted inside and outside of the courtyard. The tourists can not only taste the natural and unpolluted farm vegetables but also personally feel the pleasure of picking. At here, the tourists can taste the characteristic snacks, such as Zhahege and pancake. You can also go fishing and boating on the natural reservoir. On weekend, you can completely experience the pleasure of enjoying waterscape, eating fresh fish and recreating by yourself in the beautiful scenery of mountains and water.


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